Thinking Of Joining Ashbourne Cycling Club

An Active Cycling Club In Ashbourne Derbyshire With Routes To Suit Everyone

No matter what level of cycling you’re used to, there are many routes you can choose from at Ashbourne Cycling Club. Many of which are held on a weekly basis. 


Signing up to the Ashbourne Cycling Club is easy! It simply a matter of popping over to their website, completing the online form and submitting your £12.00 annual subscription. There are a few rules and regulations which you have to follow but none of these put un-necessary demands of what you would expect from any cycling club. 

Once your happy and settled into the clubs routes and activities you’ll be please to know that they have a club kit available. It looks good with it mix of yellow, black and white. 

The Clubs Routes

Ashbourne Cycling Club has a great website which lays out everything you need to know and also includes the available routes. They also have an archive of their routes going back quite a few years. 

There are a choice of routes depending on how seriously you take your cycling. There are runs for the road and also for mountain bikers along with routes for those who enjoy the social aspect to the more arduous and longer distance routes. 

There’s also the ‘Breeze Rides’ which are for women only and are usually run on a Friday but keep you eye open for any changes to Start times and Routes on the website and on there social media which also lists the routes.

The clubs social media is where members can also post their own rides to see if other members would like to join them. 


You have a choice of 3 routes available on satuday mornings depending on your abilities. You’ll meet up at the Ashbourne Leisure Centre  in the morning (times vary according to the time of the year). Choose from

  • A Ride – with a time of 3 to 4 hours and a distance between 50 – 65 miles. Speed will vary according to terrain from approximately 15 – 16  mph on a hilly ride to approximately 18 – 20 mph on a flatter ride.
  • B Ride – allow a time of  2 to 3 hours to cover a distance from 30 – 45 miles. With speeds of approx 12/13 mph on a hilly route to approx 13/15 mph on a flatter route.
  • C Ride – Ride time of 2.5 to 3 hours covering distances of between 25 – 30 miles with a lean toward the flatter route and an average speed of 10/11 miles per hour

Tuesday evenings are for the mountain bikers and you’ll usually meet up for 18:30 at the metal bridge by the Ashbourne Leisure Centre car park (check the website for more details). You’ll be covering a distance of approx 18 miles in this session.


If you think you can keep the pace then join the ‘Chain Gang‘ on Thursday evenings for a fast-paced ride. You’ll be averaging speeds around 17-20 mph.

Also on Thursday evening’s, there are indoor sufferfest sessions held at the Ashbourne Leisure Centre – best to get in touch the club beforehand to find out more.


On Friday evenings you can join the ‘Breeze Rides‘ which are women only routes and more of a social ride. Interested? See more on the Ashbourne Cycling Club website.

Other Days

Every now and again members will organise rides that generally cover longer distances of 70, 100 and 140 miles. So if you’re interested in one of these keep a regular glance at the website. 

Cycle Racing

The club also has members who compete in the NDCXL Cyclocross League. If you’d like to become invovled then talk this over with them.

Email: Use ACC website contact form
Social Media: Facebook
Address For Meetups: Ashbourne Leisure Centre
Clifton Rd

Thinking Of Joining Ashbourne Cycling Club
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Thinking Of Joining Ashbourne Cycling Club
No matter what level of cycling you're used to, there are many routes you can choose from at Ashbourne Cycling Club. Many of which are held on a weekly basis.
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