Calling all Musicians in Derbyshire


Would you like to promote yourselves as being available for local and national gigs? Then, we would really love to see you on the Derbyshire Gazette website. Send us your promo images and links to your videos. How, do you sound? We’ll add some audio too if you send us links.

Who’s Eligible?

You Are – If you’re involved in the music industry and you are ‘based in Derbyshire’! That includes Bands, Groups, Solo Artists, Singers, Choirs, Orchestras, Producers, Studios. Have we missed anyone?

Next Steps?

Send us some content to publish. Tell us all and don’t hold back. Then let us have some details of how others can get in touch with you to make a booking. Follow these guidelines by applying a musician’s point of view and you can’t go wrong.

Guide: Promoting your business with Derbyshire Gazette.


How Much Does It Cost?

In short – Nothing! There are no catches or trickery! No contracts or bills. So, a little of your time and effort in producing a good script and that’s it. This is not how we get our income.

Hope to see you on Derbyshire Gazette soon!

Want more details – then call us or contact us by email.