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Welcome to Derbyshire Gazette

Now that you’re on our website there are a few things you should do to help promote yourself still further.

Social Media

You probably have social media accounts for your business/group/club. If that’s the case, then you should link them up to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Facebook – Whilst in your Facebook Account visit Derbyshire Gazette’s Facebook account here: Facebook and ‘Follow’ the page. Soon after, you will be followed by Derbyshire Gazette too.

Then look for a post that has been added about you. Click on the link to take you through to the website. You should also share this the post with your friends and maybe ask them to do the same too.

Your own posts. If you are adding a promotional post on Facebook, then join the Derbyshire Gazette Subscribers group here: Derbyshire Gazette Subscribers that way you can share your post with all the members in it. Also Derbyshire Gazette will re-post it for you.

Twitter – Visit Derbyshire Gazette Twitter from your Twitter account and ‘Follow’ us, when you do so you will find your Tweets being re-tweeted.

You will also find a post about yourself there too. You should click on this link to take you through to the website. But also, Re-Tweet it yourself.

Pinterest – You do a search in Pinterest for ‘Derbyshire Gazette’ and then Follow. Note if you don’t see yourself included it maybe because your image is already being used on your website. If not let me know and I will check on it for you.

What Just Happened

If you followed the steps above, you created an association between us which was caught by Google and other major search engines. The stronger the association the more chance you have of reaching out to interested parties.


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