Artcore is a contemporary arts space that celebrates the creativity, diversity, and cultural richness of Derby, the East Midlands, and beyond. The venue presents an ever-changing programme of exhibitions, film screenings, artist residencies, art talks, and cultural festivals alongside daily creative activities for adults and young people. With our statement “together we stand” we aim to engage and connect with a diverse range of communities in Derby. Our key objective is to use art as a tool to encourage learning, strengthen community cohesion, and engage with a wide range of audiences. Artcore provides an atmosphere where self-confidence, mutual trust, and respect are built and developed through learning and creating together.

home-arttist1We strive to engage with society’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable people by offering inclusive and inspiring programmes in areas where the current provision of creative arts activities is minimal. Our mission is to become a place where talent and creativity are nurtured, and where art and culture are accessible to all. We provide a platform to encourage dialogue between people of all backgrounds, cultures, ages, and abilities where skills can be shared and friendships developed.

Artcore is a contemporary art gallery, a creative workshop, an events venue, and an artist’s studio. Through its expansive programme of vibrant events, exhibitions, residences, art talks, and film screenings, Artcore promotes a diverse array of art forms from a wide range of cultures. By supporting emerging, mid-career, and established artists through our residencies, exhibitions, and workshops, Artcore also provides a platform to highlight significant art locally, nationally and internationally.

home-communityAt Artcore, learning is fundamental to the work we do. We promote a sense of creativity and curiosity outside of the classroom through a less formal approach to education. Our main objective is to engage children and young people in experiences that enhance their interest in art and develop their creative skills. Through our workshops, as well as the volunteering and work experience programmes that we offer, young people are able to demonstrate their individuality and advance their unique skills and talents.

Art can act as a learning tool, breaking down barriers between different individuals, groups, and cultures and encouraging the exchange of ideas and experiences. Art allows talents to improve, skills to be shared, and self-confidence to grow. Through our imaginative and meaningful activities, we offer individuals the opportunity to experiment with creativity, enhance learning, and broaden their career prospects.

We are a not for profit charitable organisation.
Registered Charity Number: 1148022.

Tel: 01332 384561
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Address: Artcore
3 Charnwood Street

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Artcore is a contemporary arts space that celebrates the creativity, diversity, and cultural richness of Derby, the East Midlands, and beyond.
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