Include Your Business

Adding Your Business To Derbyshire Gazette Is Now A Free Service.

Is your business based in Derbyshire? If so, that’s the only requirement. This means that you can include your business on our website. We used to give you the first six months for free. Now, this services is completely free of charge indefinitely!

We also push your business out on our social media at least twice weekly. Why? Because it gets results. It increases your online presence and reaches out to an audience that may not otherwise be seen on your own social media.

Clubs, Groups and Organisations

For the non-profits and charitable clubs, groups and organisations it’s also a completely free service. Furthermore, we encourage you to include yourselves.

Our Audience

Because the subject matter on our website is so diverse we reach people who have all sorts of interests.  However, we find that they stay around for a while to browse. Our analytics show a trend of our viewers staying longer and visiting more pages.  Our Events Calendar is a very popular feature which will ultimately lead to further browsing of the site.

Many of our viewers are driven by regular posts from local businesses and events from our social media sites.

Our audience is mainly based in the UK. However, it is now becoming more popular throughout the world. We are favoured by both visitors to Derbyshire and Locals too.

What Next?

Putting it simply all you need to do is send us some details about your business. Here’s a useful Guide: Promoting your business with Derbyshire Gazette.

If you would like to ask a few questions. Call us or drop us a quick message here.