One Item Only

Production/Organiser: Derby Theatre
Venue: Derby Theatre
15 Theatre Walk, St Peter's Quarter,
Date(s): Sun, 7th Oct 2018
Time: 11:00
Ticket Price: Prices from: £10.00
Concessions: £7.00
Tel: 01332 59 39 39
Email (if available):
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Margarita Sidirokastriti and the egg

Directed by Craig Edwards
Designed by Edwina Bridgeman

Sound Design by Sam Halmarack

If you had to take a long journey away from home and you could only take one item with you – what would it be?

This is the decision our young hero has to make in their story of human migration.

Follow one child’s journey across continents in search of refuge from her troubled homeland, in this eventful and uplifting story of hope and resilience where the human spirit triumphs.

Inspired by recent events, and created by Bristol-based Greek artist, Margarita Sidirokastriti, audiences will get a glimpse of the challenges of their adventurous journey as they travel towards an uncertain but ultimately optimistic future.

A well-crafted performance that sparked so much conversation from my class – Head of Drama