Leawood Pump House steaming weekend

Venue: Leawood Pump House
High Peak Junction Car Park
Lea Bridge (south of Cromford)
Date(s): Sat, 3rd Nov 2018
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
Ticket Price:
Email (if available):

Leawood Pump House is one of only two working beam pump engines left in the country doing its original job. It first started work in 1849, lifting water from the River Derwent to the Cromford Canal. Its massive machinery lifts no less than four tons of water with each stroke. It is now maintained and operated by an enthusiastic group of volunteers who will be keen to tell you all about its history.

You can reach this historic structure by walking down the High Peak Trail to its junction with the Cromford Canal. The Pump House is a short distance further down the canal, or you can walk for about a mile along the canal from Cromford Wharf to reach it. There are galleries within the structure where you can watch the machine in motion.

To experience the excitement of seeing this beautiful machine in operation, come along to enjoy the highlight of a great day out!

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A postcard from the past – Leawood Pump House from David Moore on Vimeo.