Production/Organiser: Junction Arts
Venue: Bolsover Lantern Parade
Castle Street
S44 6PR
Date(s): Sat, 1st Dec 2018
Time: All Day
Ticket Price: FREE
Tel: 01246 209219
Email (if available):
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The Bolsover Lantern parade is an annually returning event that engages local Bolsover communities, in participatory arts activity, and inspires participants and audiences to get involved in a high quality festive arts experience.

A Magical Beast
On December 1st 2018 Junction Arts will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Bolsover Lantern Parade.

Rather proudly, I like to think of the event as a magical beast, living quietly in the grounds of Bolsover Castle, only to take flight once a year – revealing its scales, wings and fire – all thanks to the jaw-dropping talent of its lantern makers.

A Tradition was born
The Bolsover Lantern Parade began its journey on Saturday 26th November 1994 as part of the Bolsover Victorian Festival. Organised by Junction Arts in partnership with statutory, private and community partners, the event has become a cultural tradition for generations of people, as young lantern makers have grown up to become parents sharing the lantern making experience with their own children.

The Bolsover Christmas Festival and Lantern Parade is now one of the biggest events in Bolsover’s cultural calendar, bringing light, people (tourism) and an undeniable community spirit to the streets. I may be biased, but sustaining the Bolsover Lantern Parade for 25 years is a wonderful achievement for Junction Arts and the town.