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Find the Right Estate Agent – Derby

Why RightAgent is the best way to choose your estate agent

Save time and energy!

Instead of wandering the high street, trawling the internet and spending hours repeating the same details, just fill in one simple form on RightAgent and we’ll instantly let local agents know you need their help.

No Sales Calls

We’ve all done it… let calls go through to voicemail because we can’t face having the conversation. With RightAgent your enquiry remains anonymous until you’ve decided which agents you’re interested in. So when your phone rings, you’ll definitely want to answer it!


With many options available, RightAgent allows you to easily compare different bids from traditional high street experts or online specialists, offering fixed fees or percentages. Collate the information, check the costs, compare the services and local knowledge and make an informed choice without feeling under pressure.


We’re here purely to make the introduction, not to influence the decision. We don’t take commission, we don’t have favourites and there are no specials, highlighted or sponsored deals. You’ll hear only from agents who genuinely want to market your property and they all have a fair and equal chance to submit their best bid.

Easy to Use

There’s only ever one quick form to complete and you’ll typically have responses within 24 hours from agents who want to help sell or let your property (although we give them up to 7 days). Simply login to see your bids and compare online wherever you are via pc, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

100% Free

We’ve said it before, but just to reiterate – there really is no cost to the RightAgent service. Not when you initially register your property and not when you choose which agents you’re interested in. Not ever.

Moving home results in a good few bills anyway, the last thing you need is one from us too!


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