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All things Derbyshire! See what’s on with our events calendar. Places to stay and places to eat. Businesses and Voluntary Groups throughout the county.

If you’re visiting Derbyshire, then you’ll find so much to enjoy during your stay! Easily find child-friendly Attractions, Events, Restaurants, Shops and Accommodation and lots more.

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We promote businesses throughout the county of Derbyshire. We promote charities and non-profit organisation too.

Want to be involved? Businesses based in Derbyshire should take a look at our ongoing offer of free advertising for a period of 6 months. See the advantages it will have on your business. It’s more than just advertising on our website. We also regularly promote your business through our social media.

See how we can help your business grow – promote my business.

Charitable Groups, Clubs and Organisations

As you browse our website you’ll find many charitable organisations included. We’re constantly adding more!  We actively encourage all charitable organisations to join us as a means of reaching out to people. As long as you are based in Derbyshire we’re happy to include you.

Furthermore, your listing will not be restricted to a 6-month free period and can remain with us indefinitely. If you would like to join us then please follow the link for ‘promote my business’ (above) and specify that you are a charitable organisation when submitting your application.


Contributors Welcome

Do you like to write? We are currently looking for volunteers to add articles to our website. If you have a keen interest in subjects relating to Derbyshire and fancy including something that you think would benefit us all then please get in touch.

Welcome to Derbyshire Gazette
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Welcome to Derbyshire Gazette
Visiting Derbyshire? Click here to find out all you'll need during your visit! Easily Find child friendly Attractions, Events, Restaurants and Accommodation suitable for your needs!
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